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microscopeAs can be imagined, costs for historic paint analysis could be difficult to determine because of a large number of variables – number of samples, number of layers, condition of the finishes, types of finishes, etc.

To simplify the process a flat rate of $150 per sample has been established. This includes analysis of the samples and report writing. It does not include sample collection. In most cases the samples are collected by the client and mailed to David Arbogast. In these cases specific instructions for sample collection and mailing will be provided by Mr. Arbogast. When it is determined that Mr. Arbogast should collect the samples themselves a proposed cost will be supplied for the sample collection process. This includes basic travel costs (air fare, car rental, mileage, lodging, meals, etc.) and project time at an hourly rate of $150 per hour for David Arbogast (or $75 per hour for his partner).

As noted above, there are instances where Mr. Arbogast is asked to provide Munsell colors. The Munsell company provides 8” x 10” sheets of color. The cost for the sheet is $35 per sheet. The cost for color microphotography is $15.00 per sample.

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